Drawing class March 2015


 The drawings are finished…

“The drawings are finished, the printing is finished, the experimentation is finished and the COFFEE IS FINISHED, time to go home!

Next week we have decisions to make, how to place preparatory artwork, what images go where, what colours are compatible/or not, are we following a formal squared background or a random collage approach, big or small- looking forward to another exciting week!
In the meantime, please enjoy my photograph of my empty coffee cup! How cool is this?”

“ As everyone continued to mono-print and different creations of the same image emerged the energy and enthusiasm was palpable.

Vegetables themselves became the printing material, different coloured papers with different textures were used for for printing and a wide selection of material was created.

The coffee came and went, the table became more chaotic and the hands became dirty. Who cares when creativity explodes and artworks become the main focus!”

“In the drawing class we have been exploring the line, form and textures found in everyday vegetables. This is the first of a three part series. Having completed traditional vegetable drawings in pencil, related mono-prints, vegetable prints and rubbings will be created from the initial drawing. The third part of the series- coming soon!!! Don’t miss this exciting conclusion.”


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