Final Drawing Class for 2014

Landscape in pastels by Sjoukje Tarbox

As it was our last drawing class before Christmas we decided to experiment, relax and have fun with oil pastels and water colour.

Oil pastels usually have very bright colours and hard edges are nearly impossible to achieve resulting in unexpected resolutions. This lead to a relaxed class with no expectations just an investigation into the relationship between colour, oil pastels and the water colour resist washed over the initial oil pastel drawing.
Add to this combination hot coffee, Christmas mince pies and shortbread. A great end to 2014. Wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas and all the very best in 2015.
Drawing classes resume on Thursday 21st January 2015.  To see the whole gallery of work produced at this class by the students, click on the link below.

Final Drawing Class for 2014
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Final Drawing Class for 2014
This was the last Drawing Class for this year and we had a very relaxing day. 2015 will see a whole new range of Drawing and Painting Classes with Val Shaw.
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