Hettie Rowley Wins Art Award in Joondalup

Mixed media award winner MindFire by Hettie Rowley

At the recent art awards in Joondalup JCAA, there were four categories: sculpture (winner Susan Hoy) , painting (winner Pauline Sookloll) , mixed media(Hettie Rowley) and photography (winner Eva Boogaard). The Winners must now do three more pieces for an awards exhibition in October.
Here is how Hettie described her winning entry Mindfire:

“Ideas coagulate from the chaos of the mind; they spark into life and either sputter and die, ignored and wasted, or they form the basis of a conflagration within reality as they find life in the physical world through human action.  But they die; they always die. It us up to us whether or not they find their potential.

This work displays the mind’s confusion veiled by a screen of smoke as life is changed by the realization of such ideas, kindled into life by the action of human hands.  Words, geometric shapes, letters, colours, all writhe and whirl, painting and twisting our mental fabric, occasionally forming fixed patterns, or ‘ideas’  in the minds of those people we call ‘creative’.

This work shows the action of human intent acting on the substance of the mind that drives it, forcing abstraction into reality and thus changing the reality amid which it sits. The work is unbounded by frame or border, as every mind is washed by the eternal sea of chaotic potential, daring us to peer beneath the surface and bring to life the gifts that flow from imagination.

This is both a creative and destructive process, and is often hampered by artificial ‘educated’ ways of thinking and forcing our natural perceptions to fit into the stilted, corrupted shapes forced upon us by academics. The Yupo paper represents this academic, pretentious restriction being burned away by the heat of original thought and a human will which will not be restricted.”

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