New Life Drawing Section

Life Drawing 2 by Hettie Rowley (Acrylics)

Life Drawing 2 by Hettie Rowley (Acrylics)

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve set up a Life Drawing section on this site that can be reached through the main menu. So what is Life-Drawing? This is what Keith says:

“Life Drawing is an exercise every artist should try at least once. It is by far the best way to meet the challenge of capturing the human body in all of its beauty, translating the stillness of the pose into colors and lines of perception and potential. This is why every artist captures different aspects of the subject, making each work unique even thought the subject remains the same. In a sense, this is the glory of art, which portrays the model through the filter of the human mind, revealing hidden aspects.”

Right now there are just a few drawings in there, but I’ll add a whole gallery soon. . I hope you enjoy viewing these works as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Click HERE to view the full gallery of Life Drawings.

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