October November 2014 at Artclasses Perth

Vicki penExperimenting with Media

For the past three weeks our drawing students have been experimenting with three different media focusing on the same images. These  artists were asked to bring in objects from their home environment which had particular significance in their lives. Drawing from primary source material is always challenging, but enables one to move objects around, trying out different perspectives, compositions and light sources.

Pencil, Ball Pens and Monoprint

The first medium used was the humble pencil, the second a ball pen/ no rubbing out, and the third a mono print. At first the thought of drawing with a pen was daunting, but students were amazed at how they coped and the great results they achieved. The mono print, one of my personal favorites presented even less predictable outcomes. Once again, there was a palpable creative energy present throughout this series and everyone rose to the challenge!


The painting class is progressing well, with works in acrylics and water colour being successfully created. Portraits are being painted, landscapes sculpted in acrylic and soft water colour flowers are emerging from the brushes of the artists. All of the students are looking forward to their collaborative exhibition at the Joondalup Art Gallery the last two weeks of November. Hettie organized the exhibition “Art Frendzy” and I am helping to complete her vision for the students. This rounds the year off with a well deserved celebration of achievements for the participating artists.

The Gallery

Click to go through and see this month’s full gallery of work from our fabulous students!

This Month’s Student Gallery

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