Portraits by Hettie Rowley


A portrait must capture not only the mood of the moment, but the essence of a person so that those who know that person will not simply recognize the features, but immediately suggest aspects of the person’s character they are familiar with. So although a portrait must be accurate in its depiction of features, the artist must imbue it with a subjective feeling that is defines in line and color and expression. And the artist must be careful! All of us carry archetypes in our head that we project onto the images we see, so that a lip drawn to thin can suggest cruelty, eyes wide apart can suggest innocence and so forth. This gives the subject of the portrait an opportunity to be seen as he wishes to be seen, using the artist’s techniques of emphasis and color. I hope you enjoy this small selection of portraits I have painted. Some are from live sittings and some from photographs.

If you would like to learn to paint portraits, please contact me using the form beneath the gallery.

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About the author: I am an artist working in oils, pastels, pencil, watercolor and other mediums. I am originally from South Africa and I now teach art in Perth Australia where I live with my husband, Keith.

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