NEW: Thursday Evening Painting Workshops at JAG

Elsa Reynolds Roy Wilday Margaret Isaac Glenda Grundig


WHERE: Joondalup Art Gallery Workshop

WHEN: Thursday evening 6.30 – 9 pm
COST: $200 for eight weeks

Dates for the Thursday evening painting class at the Joondalup Art Gallery workshop 2017 are as follows:
Feb: 2nd,9th,16th
March: 2nd, 9th, 16th, 30th
April: 6th.

Students can use either acrylics or water colors as their medium. Bring your own materials.
The course is subject to sufficient numbers.
Please contact for further details or to register.

Painting and Drawing Classes 2017


Welcome to Art Classes Perth. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a happy, creative and healthy 2017.
We will be running three painting classes and one drawing class each week during school terms. Please find below our timetable and take note of the vacancies we have.


THURSDAY: 6.3Inga-Bronnum-pencil0 – 9 PM – PAINTING
A Thursday evening painting class is starting for those of you who work or cannot attend classes during the day. PLACES AVAILABLE
WHERE: Joondalup Art Gallery Workshop 4/ 48 Central Walk, Joondalup 6027
WHEN: Thursdays 6.30 – 9 pm during the school term (8 classes per term)


MONDAY: 9.30 AM – 12.30 PM – PAINTING
WHERE: Frendz Art and Craft Supplies, Pensicola Way, Clarkson
WHEN: Monday morning 9.30 – 12.30 during term time

Mark Making


The humble pencil provides the complete product for both little hands and experienced practitioners- It crosses all boundaries becoming a vehicle for expression unrestricted by age or experience. In the multitude of available materials in this modern age the pencil in all its simplicity retains its place as possibly the most useful of them all. It is also very economic, readily available and easy to transport.

Drawing is all about mark making; Making marks, expressive marks, energized marks, subtle and gentle marks, exploring shape, line, tone and negative space.  Build an awareness surrounding the possibilities of mark making, explore the different moods and dynamics involved in the process, leading to an instinctive creative process relating to personal perceptions and perceived outcomes.

Melissa Burns: A study of antiquity, an old bridge very carefully and accurately drawn and shaded using 2B clutch pencil.

Jolene Hollingsworth: Very expressive sketch of Yanchep National Park with very good use of positive and negative space. Ink and wash.

Inga Bronum: Good observation of Bowl leaving some of the ‘foundation lines’, which contrast with, and support the finished drawing.

Valerie Shaw: One of my own artworks mixing the humble pencil with mono-prints and frottage (Rubbings). It is always exciting to extend your knowledge and mix graphite with other medium – it really works well and offers a different perspective to the drawing.

Don’t ever underestimate the ‘power of the pencil’ you can produce some outstanding work with this simple, uncomplicated medium. However, remember that practice does not necessarily make ‘perfect’ but it certainly is necessary to keep improving your skills!

Enjoy playing and creating with ‘marks’!

Monday Morning Painting Classes 2016


Monday morning painting classes continue weekly at Frendz in Clarkson WA. This class is very popular and we are fully booked at present. Interaction between participants is friendly and supportive and the atmosphere relaxed, yet vibrant and action packed. Students are producing some great work.
[continue reading…]


WELCOME TO ART CLASSES PERTH 2016!Margaret Roeterdink Xmasjpg
We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you all a happy and very creative 2016! Being creative is food for the soul, satisfaction and stimulation for the mind and a safe and calm place to go when lonely, tired or possibly depressed. Use your creativity, don’t loose it! It is inherent in all of us, take time out to nurture and develop it and enjoy the exciting journey.
At Art Classes Perth we continue to encourage and support artists to develop their own styles and concepts, experiment [continue reading…]



Jolene Hollingsworth 2

The Drawing Assignment prior to the Christmas fun day was very open ended, and the results reflected very different approaches and results from all of the students. This is because at Art Classes Perth, students are not ‘creative clones’ and have been taught to approach assignments through ‘their own eyes’. We placed three headless female torsos on the table, two silver and one black. These were adorned with different clothing, belts and jewellery. We scattered shoes around the table, and things of specific importance/ relevance to each of the students- things that they used in their everyday lives.

It is always important to reflect on things that you usually do not notice, but use or look at regularly on an everyday basis. For example, the humble coffee cup we use for early morning coffee. [continue reading…]

Fun with Zen-tangle


Thursdays Drawing Class at Frendz.
Having spent time doing some really good pencil drawings, concentrating on the quality of line, tone, positive and negative space with a hint of collage it was time to relax and have some fun! We turned to Zen-tangle, discussing referenced artworks, possibilities in terms of images or just random shapes and relationships between patterns. [continue reading…]


Portrait by Inga Bronnum

I really enjoy using the same image or concept and challenging myself to create it in different media’s and from different perspectives.
It is quite incredible how different translations in terms of media and perspective result in the transformation of the work,
but these altered realities remain faithful to the initial concept, albeit tenuously. With my interest in this transformation of artworks,
I threw a curved ball into the melting pot for the students.
Having created traditional pencil portraits earlier in the year we decided to look at portraiture from a different perspective.
This included double imagery, triple imagery, fragments of faces rather than the whole face and mixing technology with hand produced work.
[continue reading…]

Drawing Classes June 2015

Exploring a “Day at the Races”, “Summer Holidays” or the “Ethnic Look”

Mannequin-4.JPGFor the past three weeks students have been working from primary source material relating to the three titles shown above.  Three mannequins were dressed in different styles and garments, and some outstanding drawings have been created, concentrating on the use of line and tone, positive [continue reading…]

Watercolor Workshop Notice – From China with Love!

Chinese watercolor class with Hettie Rowley

Hettie will be in China for two weeks during July. She will be with a group of artists From the Watercolour Association of WA attending local artists’ workshops and exhibiting in the city of Huang Shan in Aan Hui Province.

From the workshops, Hettie aims to bring back a range of tips and tricks used by Chinese artists, thus broadening the scope of techniques we use at Art Classes Perth.  The trip includes a series of workshops. Hettie will be providing you with photographs of the town and province on which you can base the paintings you do at the workshop.   This will be a really informative, fun workshop with a Chinese theme! Hettie  will also present on the art scene in China, and how overseas artists are received. She will also tell you about her experience of exhibiting and painting in China.

Please join us for Hettie’s workshop, which is a one-off event with limited space available –  early booking is essential to avoid disappointment.  Cost of the workshop is $80.

To book and for any other questions you may have,  please email Hettie at

Gallery Address for this Event

4/48 Central Walk
WA 6027

June 2015 Painting Class

June Painting Class



“ Monday is a very busy class with artists working on a broad range of imagery in either acrylic, water colour or pastels.
Although it is challenging to teach across disciplines, it certainly [continue reading…]

June 2015 Drawing Classes in Perth

June Drawing Class – It’s all about birds!


Lynley-Liepins.jpg“ Bird’s, bird’s bird’s ! Birds hovering, birds chattering, birds eating and birds wading. Although the topic given was “Bird’s”,
everyone was asked to source their own material and create a bird/bird’s of their own choice, no other directives. In these artworks [continue reading…]

Development of Visual Diaries

The Development of Visual Diaries
With Val Shaw


Are you interested in finding out about yourself and developing your own instinctive creativity? Learn to source and develop ideas and concepts, develop your drawing skills, experiment with alternative media and start creating your own unique visual diary? This will be a highly personal journey, [continue reading…]


New drawing classes Thursday evenings with Val Shaw

THURSDAYS: 6.30 – 9 pm / $25.00 per class. Starting Thursday 4th June 2015.
At Joondalup Art Gallery, 4/48 Central Walk Joondalup 6027.

Registration necessary.

Art works created by Val Shaw/mixed media artist, sculptor, researcher and educationalist:

If you want to develop drawing skills and broaden your knowledge of graphic media this is an ideal class for beginners and intermediate level artists. We explore not only the values of line, tone and texture in traditional pencil work, but also work in pastel, pen, mixed media and mono printing. [continue reading…]

Painting class April

Sjoukje-Tarbox.jpgPainting class April

The painting class is such a committed collection of artists, all working really hard at improving skills and learning new techniques.
They all paint in the medium of their choice, to include water colours,

[continue reading…]

Life drawing April

Untitled-20.jpgLife drawing April

“ I agree with Hettie. There is so much to learn about the human form and there is no better way than to learn from the source- the figure itself.
I marvel at the diversity of the human form.

[continue reading…]

Painting Classes March 2015



The Monday painting class is full of enthusiasm, and provides a really friendly and warm space for us all. Each student works with the media they prefer from acrylics, water colours to pastels and ink. Subject matter varies as students work with images and subject matter of their choice, diversity is ever apparent. They have done some really good [continue reading…]

Drawing Classes March 2015

Vicki-Pakau-2.jpgDRAWING CLASSES

In the drawing classes we continue to push boundaries. The collage assignment was beyond my expectations. Starting with the drawing of
vegetables, thereafter creating related mono-prints, taking photocopies from work and then finding and choosing related found material/ papers, images etc.
I initially gave the students a simple brief relating to basic textile design, a structured, squared off base [continue reading…]

Life drawing sessions

We are happy to announce that the life drawing sessions at JAG has been so successful that another session has been added. We now do a session at the gallery every first Monday evening and every first Thursday evening of the month.


Date for our next session: Monday 13 and Thursday 16 April.
Time: 6.30 – 9 pm $20.00 per person/
limited numbers. Please phone Val on 0416 192 234 to register.

 Why Life Drawing?

As I was getting ready to post the photos of all the various artists’ drawings from the previous session a thought came to mind. What exactly is life drawing?
The definition at for life drawing is simply “the act of drawing the human figure from a living model”
But it is so much more than that. I can go all technical here but [continue reading…]

Drawing class March 2015


 The drawings are finished…

“The drawings are finished, the printing is finished, the experimentation is finished and the COFFEE IS FINISHED, time to go home!

Next week we have decisions to make, how to place preparatory artwork, what images go where, what colours are compatible/or not, are we following a formal squared background or a random collage approach, big or small- looking forward to another exciting week!
In the meantime, please enjoy my photograph of my empty coffee cup! How cool is this?”

“ As everyone continued to mono-print and different creations of the same image emerged the energy and enthusiasm was palpable.

[continue reading…]

Painting Class February 2015


Monday Painting Class

The painting class on Monday at present includes artworks in acrylics, water colour, pastel and some to include water colour and ink.

Quite a spectrum for one class, but I always encourage those attending to work in the medium of their choice. I believe that working in a medium that interests you, will usually result in a more resolved artwork.  If you want to learn more about a medium you put more effort into understanding its properties and the results will reflect this interest.

[continue reading…]

Portraits/Drawing class


Portrait Project

The portrait project in the drawing class proved to be quite challenging. However as always, it was taken up with enthusiasm and determination and the results speak for themselves. Some great work was produced and the students were all pleased with their efforts. Some of the portraits are yet to be finished,

[continue reading…]

Lost in Translation



Artist: Valerie Shaw

Title:  Lost in Translation

Medium: Metal sculptures, artworks, natural and found objects

Artist Statement

“Lost in Translation” challenges the viewer to interpret a collection of seemingly unrelated metal sculptures, found objects, natural forms and images reflecting brief insights into fleeting moments in time and space. Shaw is a collector of discarded objects and materials, infusing new life into these acquisitions.

In the semi-conscious state between waking and sleeping the mind plays games bringing together seemingly unrelated events, concepts and imagery. A documentation of this meditative state whilst attempting to resolve ideas for an installation has resulted in the creation of this installation. The inclusion of shadow adds to the mystery of semi- consciousness thought.

[continue reading…]

February 2015 Drawing Classes



For the first three weeks of 2015 we have returned to traditional drawing skills in pencil. Revisiting and practicing expressive line work, considering image and composition, tonal values, positive and negative space and one’s own personal preferences in relation to the outcomes of the artwork. I can literally feel the excitement of the students and their commitment to learning and excellence. I think the Christmas break did everyone good and this first set of drawings really made my “heart sing”.  What a wonderful start to the year, thank you all so much! Please have a look at the images created in the drawing class and enjoy!

Next week we are moving on to portraits, “with a difference”! Students will be selecting their own media of preference (possibly pencil, pastel, biro pen or conte’). The choice of whether to conform to a traditional approach to portraiture, or to take a more experimental approach is up to the individual, they will be guided and supported whatever their choice. The basic elements of the structure of the face will be discussed and explored, and thereafter

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val Shaw - Art Teacher at Art Classes Perth

 Welcome to Art Classes Perth 2015. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to a peaceful, healthy, happy and creative 2015. For your interest we have the following classes on offer to start off 2015:

Painting Classes 2015 at Frendz

Painting classes will resume on Monday 2nd February from 9.30 – 12.30. These are held at Frendz, 21 Sarasota Avenue, Clarkson. Participants are encouraged to provide and use the medium of their choice to include water colour, acrylic or oil paints. Classes are facilitated by Val Shaw (Dip Textiles/ Applied Arts: BAFA Honours UNISA) Students range from beginners through to intermediate. Advanced students are welcome. Places are limited.

Drawing Classes 2015 at Frendz

Drawing classes will resume on Thursday morning 22nd January, from 9.30 – 12.30. These are also held at Frendz, Clarkson. Whilst mainly using graphic media, with a strong focus on basic, traditional drawing skills, the classes do include some experimentation with mixing media, collage and basic printmaking. Participants are encouraged to develop a critical approach to their own work and make decisions based on their investigations and preferences.

Life Drawing Sessions at Joondalup Art Gallery

Life Drawing Sessions are held once a month on either the first or second Monday of the month. The first life drawing session will be held on February 9th from 6.30 – 9 pm in the workshop of the Joondalup Art Gallery in Central Walk, Joondalup. Reservations necessary. Please click through and fill the form in for more details.

[continue reading…]

Final Drawing Class for 2014

Landscape in pastels by Sjoukje Tarbox

As it was our last drawing class before Christmas we decided to experiment, relax and have fun with oil pastels and water colour.

Oil pastels usually have very bright colours and hard edges are nearly impossible to achieve resulting in unexpected resolutions. This lead to a relaxed class with no expectations just an investigation into the relationship between colour, oil pastels and the water colour resist washed over the initial oil pastel drawing.
Add to this combination hot coffee, Christmas mince pies and shortbread. A great end to 2014. Wishing everybody a wonderful Christmas and all the very best in 2015.
Drawing classes resume on Thursday 21st January 2015.  To see the whole gallery of work produced at this class by the students, click on the link below.

[continue reading…]

Student Exhibition at The Blender Gallery Perth

Art Classes Perth Group Student  Photo

2014 ended up on a high spot for our students who held an exhibition of their work at the Blender Gallery in Perth (Joondalup). In the photo, from the left we see Sjoukje Tarbox, Lynley Liepins, Jolene Hollingsworth, Vicki Pakau, Inga Bronnum and Joan Davis.

The exhibition was originally planned by Hettie at the beginning of 2014 before she left for Brisbane. Val Shaw took over the classes and also the planning and execution of the exhibition.

The opening was held on Saturday 22 November. Click to see the whole gallery from this excellent event.

[continue reading…]

October November 2014 Drawing Class

Portrait by Roy James

This month we worked looking at reflections of objects in glass and mirrors. We worked in pencil, watercolor, acrylics and color pencil to achieve the results you see in the gallery (click through). These paintings were produced over the past few weeks and we all had a great deal of fun as usual. Our painting class is progressing really well so congratulations to all of you!

[continue reading…]

October November 2014 at Artclasses Perth

Vicki penExperimenting with Media

For the past three weeks our drawing students have been experimenting with three different media focusing on the same images. These  artists were asked to bring in objects from their home environment which had particular significance in their lives. Drawing from primary source material is always challenging, but enables one to move objects around, trying out different perspectives, compositions and light sources.

Pencil, Ball Pens and Monoprint

The first medium used was the humble pencil, the second a ball pen/ no rubbing out, and the third a mono print. At first the thought of drawing with a pen was daunting, but students were amazed at how they coped and the great results they achieved. The mono print, one of my personal favorites presented even less predictable outcomes. Once again, there was a palpable creative energy present throughout this series and everyone rose to the challenge!


The painting class is progressing well, with works in acrylics and water colour being successfully created. Portraits are being painted, landscapes sculpted in acrylic and soft water colour flowers are emerging from the brushes of the artists. All of the students are looking forward to their collaborative exhibition at the Joondalup Art Gallery the last two weeks of November. Hettie organized the exhibition “Art Frendzy” and I am helping to complete her vision for the students. This rounds the year off with a well deserved celebration of achievements for the participating artists.

The Gallery

Click to go through and see this month’s full gallery of work from our fabulous students!
[continue reading…]

Painting and Drawing Classes by Val Shaw

Student Sketch

Drawing Classes at Artclasses Perth With Valerie Shaw:
Creativity, chaos and coffee!!! We have just finished two exciting weeks of drawing and mono printing!! Working off initial drawings students either refreshed their understanding of, or learnt how to do mono printing. See the gallery of their impressive work below:

[continue reading…]

Life Drawing at the JAG GAllery

Life-Drawing by Lindy

Next Life Drawing session at JAG Gallery

The October life drawing session at the JAG Gallery Workshop has been organized for Monday October 6th at 6.30 pm. We have a young male model/ actor this session. This session is popular so please register as soon as possible.


Please email, SMS or phone 0416 192 234 to register. (Not after 8 pm please) I hope to see you there for another enjoyable session in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Warm Wishes

PS: I will be posting artists work from our weekly classes this weekend – sorry for the delay!

Life Drawing with Val Shaw

Jean - Life Drawing by Hettie Rowley

Please note that the next life drawing session at the Joondalup Art Gallery Workshop will be held on Monday 8th September from 6.30 – 9 pm. Please confirm if you would like to attend. You may or may not be aware that  Hettie is moving to Brisbane. There is a possibility that she will be back in the future but until such time I will be organizing the life drawing session for interested parties. The cost will remain the same – $20.00 per person.

For this session we will have a female model. As always, we will draw our model in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and all artists and aspiring artists are welcome to join us.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Warm Wishes

(Valerie Shaw)

[continue reading…]

Student Painting and Drawing August 2014

Portrait by Vicki Packau

August is drawing to its close, and I am preparing for my departure for Brisbane. I am so going to miss you, my Perth students and dear friends. But I will be returning to teach, to attend exhibitions and hold workshops.

This week I have posted a few of your works in this new gallery and I hope you enjoy seeing them here on this site. You are absolutely fabulous art students and I am already missing you! [continue reading…]

Hettie Rowley Wins Art Award in Joondalup

Mixed media award winner MindFire by Hettie Rowley

At the recent art awards in Joondalup JCAA, there were four categories: sculpture (winner Susan Hoy) , painting (winner Pauline Sookloll) , mixed media(Hettie Rowley) and photography (winner Eva Boogaard). The Winners must now do three more pieces for an awards exhibition in October.
Here is how Hettie described her winning entry Mindfire:

“Ideas coagulate from the chaos of the mind; they spark into life and either sputter and die, ignored and wasted, or they form the basis of a conflagration within reality as they find life in the physical world through human action.  But they die; they always die. It us up to us whether or not they find their potential. [continue reading…]

Students Art Mid August

Watercolor by Jolene Hollingsworth

I am so fantastically busy that I haven’t posted student art work for a few weeks – I am sorry for that, but this move to Brisbane has got me on the run! Val is now well into taking over my classes, so things will be back to smooth running very soon. I know you will all enjoy working with Val who is not just a fabulous artist and teacher, but also a dear friend of mine.   I look forward to seeing you all occasionally  over the coming year as I come back to Perth to teach and hold workshops which will be announced on this site as well as on my Facebook and Linkedin pages.

You can click through for this month’s gallery of student work. I know that I have missed a few pieces out, and I will rectify that as soon as I can.

[continue reading…]

New Art Teacher at ArtClasses Perth

Art teacher Val Shaw

I am pleased – indeed delighted, to welcome a new Art Tutor at Art Classes Perth, Val Shaw. Val is an award winning practising artist, educationalist and researcher. She has worked in the visual arts all her adult life and believes in the inherent creativity in everyone.

” It is just a matter of finding the time to invest in exploring and developing your creative self and develop the necessary skills to express this creativity. This can be a very exciting and therapeutic journey working with like minded people and can also serve as a cure for boredom, loneliness and depression.”

Val has run adult and student workshops and classes, was the head of the visual arts department at a private college for 10 years and is a contracted senior examiner with the International Baccalaureate Organization, examining year 12 students world wide.

“I have found so much satisfaction and pleasure in helping others to develop and achieve their own creative goals.” Val’s art practice includes drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media, collage and basic print making. She has a passion for developing visual diaries,and the relationship between the written word and the image.

I am delighted to be working with Hettie and hope to continue her excellent work.

“I look forward to meeting those of you already in the painting and drawing classes, and welcome newcomers wishing to join the classes. All levels of art practice are catered for.”

Val Shaw (Dip. Textiles and Graphic Design Natal Tech. BA Fine Arts Honours. UNISA 2002) [continue reading…]

Drawing Class Held 5th June 2014

Pastels drawing by Julie Ann Canal

Zebra by Julie Ann Canal

This week’s class was really interesting and the results of your experiments were very good indeed. Some of you took details from old masters such as Durer and Renoir, one person experimented with Picasso’s style, there were some pet portraits, some natural scenes with clouds and some excellent impressionist animal portraits. I really enjoyed working with you as I always do. I look forward to seeing you next week and of course we are now planning for our student’s exhibition! The whole gallery is posted on the page for you when you click through.

[continue reading…]

Drawing Class 22 May: Animals We Love

Cat drawn by Vicki Packau

Being able to draw and paint the things we love is very fulfilling, and is often our way of showing what we feel about the wonderful animals and people in our lives. I think this love shines through in the drawings you did at this week’s Thursday drawing class. The images you created make a really strong impression on me, showing the vivacity and quirkiness of your beloved companions as well as the wonder and joy you feel for wild animals. I think this is a lovely little class gallery and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I’m really pleased with the way you are developing your skills, and which shows in this work. I look forward to seeing you all back in class next week. Have a wonderful weekend. (The drawing shown here as a sample from your class gallery is by Vicki Packau).

[continue reading…]

Life Drawing Session 9th June

Life Drawing Perth with Hettie Rowley

The Joondalup Gallery is a great place for artists to get together, chat in a warm, friendly atmosphere and produce great art! On 9th June we will be having another Life-Drawing Session with a live model. We provide easels and boards but you must bring your own drawing materials. You can buy a cup of tea or coffee at the gallery.

I love these evenings in the company of other artists, seeing how they interpret the human form and I hope you will join us. You need to book in advance, so please use the form below. You must book in advance as we can only accommodate a limited number of artists – usually twelve maximum.

Please use the form at the bottom of this announcement (click through to get to it) to confirm your attendance. You can pay at the Gallery so advance payment is not necessary. I look forward to seeing you.

[continue reading…]

Drawing Workshop: Learn to Draw Animals

I am so sorry but this workshop has been cancelled due to family illness. I will schedule a similar workshop very soon.
Elephant Drawing by Hettie Rowley
drawing workshop animals with Hettie Rowley

I will be conducting a drawing workshop for beginner and intermediate artists in June. We will be working to develop the capability of drawing animals realistically, which is something that even talented artists sometimes have problems with.

All materials will be provided. Frendz is where I hold most of my classes; it’s a lovely venue for artists and tea, coffee, cakes and snacks are available for refreshment. I will post more information nearer to the date, but if you wish to attend or ask me about the workshop, please use the form below, and I will respond as quickly as possible. There are only fifteen places so please book early to guarantee your place. Click through to access the form please. [continue reading…]

Drawing Class 15th May Pets and Other Animals

Sleepy Cat by Ann Trieu

I am very pleased with the progress you are all making in developing your drawing skills. Drawing is a key skill for artists and is usually the basis of so many good paintings. Painting pets and animals or doing pet portraits as some call them is quite challenging, because we know the animal and we want to capture its unique character in our art. I think you managed that this week. I know the works are mostly not finished, but you can see them here as they appear to someone else and judge your progress for yourself – it gives your view of your work some objectivity – like seeing it through a window almost. Here’s the gallery of your pet portraits and animal portraits (great elephants!) in progress: (there is some more to come from this class, so watch this space!)

[continue reading…]

Life Drawing 5th May in Perth

Life Drawing 5th May Model Scott-Patrick

Our Life Drawing Sessions fill up fast! We had a lovely session this week with a new model, Scott-Patrick; he really is professional and we shall be seeing him again. I’ve posted the drawings I did in the Life Drawing Pages (main menu) – enjoy! I also had a great session at my studio with my regular model, Andy. I experimented with my drawing technique a bit on this and hope you enjoy it!

The life drawings may be found on Life Drawing Section On another note, I’ll be announcing a painting workshop soon (pets and animals in pastels) and I am considering an evening art class as my day classes are full. Would anyone interested in evening art classes please contact me?

[continue reading…]

Drawing Class 8th May

Drawing by Jill Freeman

Thanks for a wonderful fun drawing class! I really enjoyed the class and I think you did too. Great to see you all in such great spirits! I know some iof you will still be working on your drawings at home, but here’s the gallery of your work as done in class. Click through to see the gallery! The work on the left is by Jill Freeman.

[continue reading…]

Next Life Drawing Session in Perth Monday 5th May

Life Drawing Session perth

Our next life-drawing session will be held at the Blender Gallery in Joondalup on the 5th May at 6.3opm. Please use the contact form below to let me know you will be attending. Easels and boards are provided and you must bring your own drawing materials. The session is two and a half hours (until 9.0 pm) and costs $20 per person. Coffee and tea may be purchased on the premises. I look forward to seeing you. Take a look at the Life Drawing Page if you would like to see examples of the work I do at these sessions. Please click through to fill in the contact form [continue reading…]

Drawing Class 1st May 2014

Class Drawing by Margaret Roeterdink

Our New Drawing term started in Perth today. I would like to give a big welcome to the new students, Julie Ann Canal, Susan Cantrell, Margaret Roeterdink and Kirsty Seymour and looking forward to meeting Anh Trieu . And a very big thank you for my “come back” students, Sjoukje, Inga, Jill, Lynley, Vicki and Jolene for returning to support me. I am very excited to share with you all my passion for drawing and hope that we are going to have loads of fun and create beautiful artwork together in the coming weeks. [continue reading…]

Portrait Gallery Added Today

Watercolor Portrait

The site is growing nicely now that I have a structure I can work with – thanks Keith! Today I added a gallery of some of the portraits I have done over the past couple of years. Portraits are always a challenge because people know how they want to look, and that isn’t always how they appear! I suppose not many of us really enjoy the way we look in photographs, but the artist has an opportunity to paint someone as they wish to be seen, but without distorting his/her features. Anyway, you can get to the portraits page by clicking here or by using the menu at the top of this page. You can use the form on that page to inquire about learning to paint portraits, commissioning a portrait or whatever else you may wish. Enjoy!

learn to Paint Portraits with Hettie Rowley

Life Drawing of Model Tess

Life Drawing of Model Tess

Why not join me for a life-drawing session with a model like Tess? It’s a wonderful artistic challenge and a fun event!  The venue I use is the Blender Gallery in Joondalup. Life Drawing Sessions are normally held on the first Monday of every month, although this can change from time to time. Use the form to contact me (first click through!) and I’ll put you on the mailing list and keep you informed about coming sessions. The cost is $20 per person. Bring your own materials! Easels are provided.

[continue reading…]

Book Illustrations Perth

Gods Alphabet Cover Illustration

I was very pleased and privileged yesterday to attend the book launch for Geoffrey Bull’s God’s Alphabet for Training in Truth.. Geoffrey commissioned me to do the illustrations for the book and it was wonderful to see the finished work and to meet Geoffrey’s readers, family and friends at the launch. The event was really well attended and we all enjoyed hearing the fascinating history of Geoffrey’s family in Africa and the wonderful work they did there over many years. Thank you Geoffrey! Here is the cover of the book – the rest of the illustrations are in a gallery you can see by clicking through.

[continue reading…]

Sticky: Drawing With Colored Inks 10th April

Today’s drawing class was great fun. We experimented creating drawings with colored inks. I always think that an artist’s inks give the most dazzling, bright and vivid colors available to us and I think the work done by my class today illustrates this really well. Today was also Sjoukje’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sjoukje!

Here’s the drawing made by Vicki and Jolene. Click through to the full article to see the rest! Thanks for a wonderful art class ladies. I love your work!

Colored Ink Drawing Experiment_by Jolene and Vicki

Colored Ink Drawing Experiment_by Jolene and Vicki

[continue reading…]

New Life Drawing Section

Life Drawing 2 by Hettie Rowley (Acrylics)

Life Drawing 2 by Hettie Rowley (Acrylics)

I’m really pleased to announce that I’ve set up a Life Drawing section on this site that can be reached through the main menu. So what is Life-Drawing? This is what Keith says:

“Life Drawing is an exercise every artist should try at least once. It is by far the best way to meet the challenge of capturing the human body in all of its beauty, translating the stillness of the pose into colors and lines of perception and potential. This is why every artist captures different aspects of the subject, making each work unique even thought the subject remains the same. In a sense, this is the glory of art, which portrays the model through the filter of the human mind, revealing hidden aspects.”

Right now there are just a few drawings in there, but I’ll add a whole gallery soon. . I hope you enjoy viewing these works as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Click HERE to view the full gallery of Life Drawings.

Attend life drawing with live models at

Sticky: Perth Art Classes Start 28th April

Rosie Pastel Portrait by Hettie Rowley

We’ve had an amazing start to the year and all of my students have made great strides in their creativity and accomplishment. I’m really pleased and proud of all of you! A whole new term starts on 28th April and I hope to welcome all of you back after a break as well as some new students. We will as usual be in the cozy environment of Frendz in Clarkson where we can buy our materials and   share coffee as good friends do!

 If there are any special subjects you would like to cover, or if you need advice on materials, or if you just want a nice chat about where you are going with your art , then you can leave me a message, call me or email me and it will be my pleasure to help you.  I’m now going to enjoy a brief break from classes and prepare some paintings for events I will announce in the near future. Click through to see the brochure (you can download it if you wish) and the full details:

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