Drawing Classes June 2015

Exploring a “Day at the Races”, “Summer Holidays” or the “Ethnic Look”

Mannequin-4.JPGFor the past three weeks students have been working from primary source material relating to the three titles shown above.  Three mannequins were dressed in different styles and garments, and some outstanding drawings have been created, concentrating on the use of line and tone, positive and negative space, soft folds and drapes of fabric and the decorative nature of jewelry.

Students were asked to be selective, and in the drawings below there are examples of very beautiful sensitive line work, strong tonal contrasts, the deliberate omission of some of the patterning to give focus to the decorative aspects of jewelry and some extremely resolved drawing of draped fabric. We always discuss the use of alternative media and presentation whenever we change assignments.

In this assignment some of the students further developed their drawings into mono-prints, and thereafter photocopied images and produced repeat prints. The beauty of mono prints is that they always produce unexpected results, and these organic, textured prints contrast strongly against the sensitive drawings. In the repeat prints, again the positive and negative space was considered, and the strength lay in the shapes themselves and the shapes in-between.

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