Drawing Classes March 2015

Vicki-Pakau-2.jpgDRAWING CLASSES

In the drawing classes we continue to push boundaries. The collage assignment was beyond my expectations. Starting with the drawing of
vegetables, thereafter creating related mono-prints, taking photocopies from work and then finding and choosing related found material/ papers, images etc.
I initially gave the students a simple brief relating to basic textile design, a structured, squared off base to include a half drop if preferred.
The results speak for themselves. Some students followed the brief, using the geometric structure to build their collage resulting in some very structured, resolved and beautiful work.
Others took flight, left the beaten track and enjoyed the freedom of creating without boundaries. Some very beautiful, expressive work resulted.
This is when you know why you teach, when you get this great response from the students, students who will try new ways of creating and keep going until they succeed.
Really great work, well done and thank you all so much!!! Enjoy these beautiful collage works.

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