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Drawing Classes with Hettie

Drawing is a baseline skill for every artist in my opinion. I like to teach the basics of this before my students start to paint, to help them to get the basic perspectives, form and line in place from the very start. And of course, it’s great fun. We usually do the classes at Frendz in North Perth, and you can contact me using the form lower down on this page. Even if you are just curious and do not wish to make any commitments – call me for a chat!

How I Run Our Drawing Classes

Let me first say that all artists of intermediate to advanced level are welcome at our  Drawing Classes in Perth. We are fairly informal, but structured.  For each class, I either:

a. Bring photographs which you can use as the subject for your drawing or
b. Allow you to bring your own photographs as the subject, although I will advise you on the difficulty level you will encounter or
c. Discuss a suitable subject with you and provide you with a range of photographs from which to choose.

Guidance in Class

I provide some theory behind the art of drawing, but generally in an integrated way so that you can use the knowledge as you draw and not sit listening to me!  So my drawing classes are really hands-on with guidance! In this section and pages I will post your work and other artists work for public display as you progress (but only if you want to!). Drawing is the basis of all painting and generation of visual representations on paper or canvas, so whether you want to just paint or draw, you will benefit from these drawing lessons.

Contact Me

Use the contact form below the Students Drawing Gallery if you want to know more, and I’ll get right back to you.

Students Drawing Gallery 1

Here is a selection of drawings done by my students – enjoy!

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About the author: I am an artist working in oils, pastels, pencil, watercolor and other mediums. I am originally from South Africa and I now teach art in Perth Australia where I live with my husband, Keith.

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