June 2015 Drawing Classes in Perth

June Drawing Class – It’s all about birds!


Lynley-Liepins.jpg“ Bird’s, bird’s bird’s ! Birds hovering, birds chattering, birds eating and birds wading. Although the topic given was “Bird’s”,
everyone was asked to source their own material and create a bird/bird’s of their own choice, no other directives. In these artworks
the students have captured different elements of bird life with sensitivity and understanding. There are some very beautifully rendered works
which capture the characters of the birds, reflect the soft feathers, the cheeky chatter and the brilliant colours. Birds are a part of our heritage,
we hear and see them on a daily basis but rarely take time to watch and wonder at the miracle of flight, or listen to their clear, tuneful chorus.
These artworks pay tribute to our feathered friends in a warm and thoughtful way. Artworks created in pencil, pastel and watercolour”


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