Mark Making


The humble pencil provides the complete product for both little hands and experienced practitioners- It crosses all boundaries becoming a vehicle for expression unrestricted by age or experience. In the multitude of available materials in this modern age the pencil in all its simplicity retains its place as possibly the most useful of them all. It is also very economic, readily available and easy to transport.

Drawing is all about mark making; Making marks, expressive marks, energized marks, subtle and gentle marks, exploring shape, line, tone and negative space.  Build an awareness surrounding the possibilities of mark making, explore the different moods and dynamics involved in the process, leading to an instinctive creative process relating to personal perceptions and perceived outcomes.

Melissa Burns: A study of antiquity, an old bridge very carefully and accurately drawn and shaded using 2B clutch pencil.

Jolene Hollingsworth: Very expressive sketch of Yanchep National Park with very good use of positive and negative space. Ink and wash.

Inga Bronum: Good observation of Bowl leaving some of the ‘foundation lines’, which contrast with, and support the finished drawing.

Valerie Shaw: One of my own artworks mixing the humble pencil with mono-prints and frottage (Rubbings). It is always exciting to extend your knowledge and mix graphite with other medium – it really works well and offers a different perspective to the drawing.

Don’t ever underestimate the ‘power of the pencil’ you can produce some outstanding work with this simple, uncomplicated medium. However, remember that practice does not necessarily make ‘perfect’ but it certainly is necessary to keep improving your skills!

Enjoy playing and creating with ‘marks’!

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