Painting Class 31st March

Acrylics-on-Silver-Leaf-by-Sjoukje-TarboxToday’s class was small, warm and wonderful! The class was all about trying out silver and gold leaf. We explored applying the leaf and glazing over it with acrylics. It’s a very tricky process using gold and silver leaf because it’s only a few microns thick and very, very fragile. Sjoukje’s work, shown here, shows the effect we achieve with silver leaf covering the whole surface of the canvas. The leaf is then washed over with acrylic glazes which gives the picture it’s unique tint. The trees were also painted in acrylics.

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Sticky: New Pet Portraits Section

Pet Portrait of Yippee - Pam's Dog

We all love our pet friends and companions so I decided to give them their own page in the main menu. The first work I have included is of Yippee, my dear friend Pam’s dog in Taipei. Pet Portraits are now included in the site main menu (as ‘Pets’). If you would like to learn to paint and draw your pets, then send me a message and join one of my classes. We love meeting new people and you will be most welcome.  To get to the form, just click through!

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Painting Classes March

We had a great week in class! Special thanks to the following artists, each of whom produced some lovely work I have placed in the gallery below the roll of honor:

  • Joan Davis
  • Sheila Furse
  • Lynley Liepins
  • Jill Freeman
  • Hillary Robertson
  • Sjoukje Tarbox

Here’s a sample of what we achieved – click below to see the full gallery of work.

Art Classes Perth: Landscape-by-Hillary-Robertson.jpg

Landscape by Hillary Robertson

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Painting Class 17th February

Painting by Joan Davis

We had lots of fun painting at Frendz on the 17th. Here’s a gallery  of some of the work produced. I hope you enjoy seeing it here. The above painting is by Joan Davis and appears in the Class Gallery which you can see if you click through.

Site by Hettie Rowley at Googleplus: +HettieRowley
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First Drawing Class for 2014

Denis har -at work in class

We kicked off our drawing term by doing quick and easy little sketches just to ease us nicely into the new year. Next week we will get serious by tackling that tricky subject – perspective! Thanks to all the lovely ladies, Sjoukje, Inge, Lynley, Vicki and Jolene and one gent, Denis, for a really lovely morning of sketching, chatting and lots of laughs. You can click through to see more photos of our day together!

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Painting and Drawing Classes 2014

Painting by Hillary

I am about to start two new terms for painting and drawing respectively. More details about this in a minute. As before, we will be painting on a Monday, starting the 3rd of February and Drawing on a Thursday, starting the 6th of February. Last year we’ve painted in  Watercolour and Acrylics and even did some pastels and we’ve had some awesome art happen as you will see in the photos gallery (click through). The painting above is by Hillary – just one of the beautiful works you guys produced.

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Fantasy Art Workshop 15 February

I still have space available for the Fantasy Art workshop this coming Saturday (15 February) starting at 10am. If you are interested please call me (0406 180 121) or email me at


Art Classes Top

Welcome To Art Classes with Hettie Rowley in Perth

Artist Hettie Rowley

Art Classes Perth New Site

Thanks ever so much for finding and visiting me here on my new site for Art Classes Perth, which I’ve set up for three main purposes:

  • To keep my students and other interested people informed about the classes I hold in Perth
  • To post art created by me and by my students
  • To create a fun place for people interested in art to have a chat about what’s going on from day to day

I’ll be adding a form for those who wish to sign up or make other inquiries about attending classes, buying art and so on, and in the meantime, my other site at MagickMirrors is still on the web for those interested. All news and information about my classes will be moved to this site from August 30th 2013.

Develop Your Talent For Drawing And Painting In Perth

I have been asked specifically about:

  • Online Courses
  • Drawing Classes 
  • Painting Classes
  • Life Drawing Sessions

I do all of the above classes except for online art classes, which I cannot cover. However, there are some good courses at TAFE (TAFE stands for Training and Further Education. TAFE is Australia’s largest provider of vocational education and training.) So you can attend TAFE courses for a formal qualification and still attend my classes and Life Drawing Sessions if you so wish!

Site by Hettie Rowley

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