Perth Art For Sale by Hettie Rowley

I have set out below just a few of the works I have available for sale right now – there are many more. They are a mixture of Watercolor, Pen and Ink and Oil creations. I will put a full gallery up here over the comign weeks along with prices and full dimensions etc. If you are interested in any of the works or would like to commission a art work, then please contact me – I’d love to hear from you.

Ice Goddess - Oil Painting by Hettie Rowley Fire Goddess by Hettie Rowley - Oil Painting Busy Kitchen Sunny Day - Watercolor Elephant - Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Elephant Drawing by Hettie Rowley Leopard Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Lion Watercolor Panting by Hettie Rowley Nude Figure Study - Watercolor by Hettie Rowley Portrait Watercolor by Hettie Rowley


Artist Hettie Rowley no longer works in Perth. The site and classes are now run by Val Shaw
10 Scarlet Close
Tapping, WA
Phone: 0416 192 234

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About the author: I am an artist working in oils, pastels, pencil, watercolor and other mediums. I am originally from South Africa and I now teach art in Perth Australia where I live with my husband, Keith.

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