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I decided that Pet Portraits require their own page! We all love our pets, they are a huge part of our families and each one has its own character and peculiarities. The first pet portrait below is of Yippee, the little dog owned by my friend in Taipei, Pam Botha. If you would like a quote for a portrait of your beloved companion, then leave a message for me below.

Pam’s Dog Yippee

Pet Portrait of Yippee - Pam's Dog

My friend Pam got her little dog Yippee from a rescue center in Hong Kong. After this, she moved to Taiwan with her husband Peter, and Yippee still lights up their lives! He’s an adorable creature, so full of fun. This pet portrait was used to publicize a charity for abandoned pets. The charity held an auction, the highest bidder winning a portrait of his own pet, painted by me. It’s great to help animals!

Our Beloved Cat Tân

Our Tabby Cat Tan

Tân was a gorgeous tabby cat Keith and I had in South Africa. He was the gentlest, most friendly cat. Once day when he was eating, he put his paw on a mouse, held it down, looked at his food, looked at the mouse, looked back at his food, let the mouse go and carried on eating! We miss him lots. His name is the Welsh for ‘Fire’ as we had intended getting a red cat before we fell in love with Tân on sight! He was anything but fire!

Our Australian Cat Narla

Our Lovely Rescued Cat, Narla

Narla is a very, very special cat we got at the Cat Haven in Perth. She is disabled but still incredibly energetic and affectionate. We love her dearly.

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About the author: I am an artist working in oils, pastels, pencil, watercolor and other mediums. I am originally from South Africa and I now teach art in Perth Australia where I live with my husband, Keith.

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