I really enjoy using the same image or concept and challenging myself to create it in different media’s and from different perspectives.
It is quite incredible how different translations in terms of media and perspective result in the transformation of the work,
but these altered realities remain faithful to the initial concept, albeit tenuously. With my interest in this transformation of artworks,
I threw a curved ball into the melting pot for the students.
Having created traditional pencil portraits earlier in the year we decided to look at portraiture from a different perspective.
This included double imagery, triple imagery, fragments of faces rather than the whole face and mixing technology with hand produced work.

Initially students were uncertain about the whole process, but as with a blank canvas, once you get started things seem less daunting.
Some really interesting and informed portraits were created and a new perspective on the art making process was introduced.
I hope you enjoy the artworks!

Valerie Shaw

Gallery of student Work

Click on any portrait to see in Gallery Mode at larger size.

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