Development of Visual Diaries

The Development of Visual Diaries
With Val Shaw


Are you interested in finding out about yourself and developing your own instinctive creativity? Learn to source and develop ideas and concepts, develop your drawing skills, experiment with alternative media and start creating your own unique visual diary? This will be a highly personal journey, which will encourage personal responses and honest reflections relating to you, your personal preferences, goals and inherent creativity. It is also loads of fun and very creative.

As concepts and ideas evolve, artworks will be created relating to the ideas developed in the diaries. The diaries themselves, a combination of the written word, drawings, media experiments, concepts and reviews develop into highly original artworks in their own right. It is also a great class for writers wishing to explore their creativity.

The classes are structured for beginners, intermediates and for those just wanting to reinvigorate their creative energy and art practice. Once a learner always a learner!
Place: Frendz Arts and Crafts in Clarkson
Day: Starting Monday 8th June 2015
Times: 2pm – 4.30pm
Cost: $25.00 per class

Val Shaw
Dip Textiles and Applied Arts
BA Fine Arts Honors. Graphic artist, painter, sculptor, examiner and researcher

Email: to register or Tel: 0416 192 234. On registration information on requirements will be forwarded to you.



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