Painting Classes Perth

A Painting by art student Rebecca

At our painting classes, we cover a range of subjects and each student is provided with personal guidance and tuition. Materials are easily available at our usual venue, which is Frendz in Clarkson, North Perth. You can paint your own subject if you bring along a photo of what you want to paint, or I provide one for you. You can paint in any of the usual mediums like oil or watercolor, although oil takes longer. What you choose will depend on your level of experience and the nature of your subject. I am always there to help and I can advise you before you start. Just contact me using the form under the gallery.

Students Gallery 1

Below is a gallery of just some of the work done by students during and after our art classes – sometimes work is completed in the class and sometimes at home. I hope you enjoy the gallery. I will add more galleries as time progresses.


Site by artist Hettie Rowley
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About the author: I am an artist working in oils, pastels, pencil, watercolor and other mediums. I am originally from South Africa and I now teach art in Perth Australia where I live with my husband, Keith.

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