Lost in Translation



Artist: Valerie Shaw

Title:  Lost in Translation

Medium: Metal sculptures, artworks, natural and found objects

Artist Statement

“Lost in Translation” challenges the viewer to interpret a collection of seemingly unrelated metal sculptures, found objects, natural forms and images reflecting brief insights into fleeting moments in time and space. Shaw is a collector of discarded objects and materials, infusing new life into these acquisitions.

In the semi-conscious state between waking and sleeping the mind plays games bringing together seemingly unrelated events, concepts and imagery. A documentation of this meditative state whilst attempting to resolve ideas for an installation has resulted in the creation of this installation. The inclusion of shadow adds to the mystery of semi- consciousness thought.

This installation also reflects the artist’s interest in concepts relating to the passing of time, archaeology and ancestors, land issues, feminism.

“We divide the land and the land divides us”.

Having experienced first-hand government “acquisition” of predominantly

white owned farms in Zimbabwe, land issues are constantly present, as is the

problem surrounding degradation of the environment.

The truth is only spoken in the shadows.


Found objects: everything is a possibility particularly if old/ rusted. The artist is a mixed media/graphic artist, painter, sculptor, keen amateur photographer, educationalist and researcher. Collage, textures, fabric, wire work, binding and weaving also appear consistently in the artists’ work.

Lost in Translation
Article Name
Lost in Translation
Lost in Translation” challenges us to interpret seemingly unrelated sculptures, found objects and natural forms reflecting brief insights into time and space.
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